Mcdonald’s Cold Coffee

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Mcdonald’s Cold Coffee

McDonald’s launched the McCafe line of beverages to compete with Starbucks’ popular Iced Caramel Macchiatos and Mocha Frappuccinos. Frappes, not Frappuccinos, are the name of their frozen beverages.
McCafe beverages can be ordered at any time of day from any McDonald’s.

On the Dollar Menu, small McCafé beverages are all priced at $2.00 or less.

McDonald’s provides three drink sizes: small (12 ounces), medium (16 ounces), and large (32 ounces) (22 ounces). The medium is the same size as a grande at Starbucks.

Gavia roasts 100 percent Arabica coffee beans for McDonald’s. Their coffee is medium-roasted, while their espresso is dark-roasted.
Whole and nonfat milk are the only milk options for espresso drinks. There are no dairy-free alternatives to milk. A light cream is added to iced coffee beverages.

McDonald’s does not charge extra for additional toppings or flavors. An iced coffee and a flavored iced coffee are priced identically.

There are four syrup flavors available for coffee beverages: caramel, hazelnut, French vanilla, and French vanilla without sugar. Additionally, there is chocolate syrup for espresso drinks. Not every location offers hazelnut and sugar-free French vanilla.
Even if it’s not on the menu, you can customize your beverage with any combination of syrups.

None of the espresso beverages can be made with decaf coffee, but iced coffees can.

Iced Caramel Coffee Iced coffee combined with brewed coffee, light cream, and caramel syrup.
190 calories per medium.
Sugar in a medium: 26 g

Bitter and out of balance in flavor The caramel from McDonald’s has a very buttery flavor, and this drink tasted like burnt popcorn. It tasted as though the caramel lacked its own sugar, but at $2.00 for a medium, this is one of the best deals on the menu.

Iced French Vanilla Latte Ice + Espresso + Whole Milk + French Vanilla Syrup
240 calories per medium; 34 grams of sugar per medium

The French vanilla latte was the sweetest and most vanilla-forward of the group. This beverage would have been enhanced with a few less pumps of syrup.

Caramel Frappe Ice plus Caramel Coffee Frappe Base plus Light Whipped Cream and Caramel Drizzle
510 calories per medium
Sugar in a medium: 67 g

The caramel at McDonald’s can become overly buttery and cloyingly sweet if added in excess, as was the case with this frozen beverage. The combination of the caramel coffee frappe base and caramel drizzle made the Caramel Frappe too caramel-flavored.

Iced Mocha Ice, Espresso, Whole Milk, Water, Chocolate Syrup, Light Whipped Cream, and Chocolate Drizzle.
Calories per serving: 320 Sugar in a medium: 43 g

This beverage could use more chocolate. The iced mocha tasted less like chocolate and espresso and more like iced latte.

Iced Caramel Latte Ice + Espresso + Whole Milk + Caramel Syrup
Calories per serving: 270
Sugar in a medium: 36 g

The caramel and espresso complement each other well and provide the perfect amount of sweetness.

Iced Caramel Mocha Ice plus Espresso plus Whole Milk plus Water plus Chocolate Caramel Syrup plus Lightly Whipped Cream and Caramel Drizzle
Calories per serving: 300
Sugar in a medium: 38 g

If you enjoy a caramel swirl in your brownies, this is roughly how it would taste. It’s a decadent drink that feels like dessert.

Iced coffee Ice, premium roast coffee, light cream, and liquid sugar. 180 Sugar in a medium: 28 g

Refreshing, coffee-forward, and lightly sweetened with liquid sugar. This is an excellent rendition of a coffee shop staple. The only complaint was that it was a little bit watery in flavor, but this did not detract from the fact that it was an excellent choice for a hot day.

Iced Caramel Macchiato Ice + Espresso + Whole Milk + Water + Caramel Syrup + Caramel Drizzle
Calories per serving: 310
Sugar in a medium: 41 g

The caramel macchiato is made almost identically to the caramel latte, but with an additional drizzle of caramel (this drink has 30 more calories than an iced latte), and the caramel boost really elevates this beverage.

Iced Latte Ice, Espresso, Whole Milk, and Water Calories per serving: 120 Sugar in a medium: 9 g

Another timeless work for a reason Espresso and milk, lightly sweetened with liquid sugar, were a delightful combination.

Iced French Vanilla Coffee Iced coffee made with premium roast coffee, light cream, and French vanilla syrup.
Calories in a medium: 170
Sugar in a medium: 23 g

Iced coffee tasted stronger than espresso-based beverages, which explains why the French vanilla flavor stood out more in iced coffee than in iced latte.

Mocha Coffee Frappe Ice, Mocha Coffee Frappe Base, Whipped Cream, and Chocolate Drizzle.

500 calories per medium
Sugar in a medium: 66 g
This frozen, blended beverage tastes like melted ice cream and was the tastiest beverage on the menu. The espresso flavor was not overpowering, and the chocolate complemented the coffee well.


By default, each beverage is made with whole milk, and some of the beverages were sweetened. If a beverage did not contain syrup, it was sweetened with liquid sugar. You may request that the beverage be prepared with nonfat milk or any of their flavored syrups.

You must specify that you would like your iced coffee black and unsweetened if you do not want milk or sugar added.
There are some inconsistencies in how many pumps of syrup are used to sweeten a drink at different McDonald’s locations; therefore, it is best to specify the desired number of pumps.

What is the difference between light cream and light whipped cream?

Light cream from McDonald’s is made with cream and whole milk, whereas light whipped cream is made with cream and nonfat milk.

Is McDonald’s iced coffee available without milk?

Yes, but you must specify that you want your beverage black or without milk; otherwise, it will be prepared with milk.

Does McDonald’s use unique coffees for its iced coffee and espresso beverages?

Yes. McDonald’s utilizes a medium roast blend for hot and iced coffee beverages. McDonald’s espresso beverages (both hot and iced) use a darker roasted blend.

How much is a cup of coffee?

McDonald’s coffee is significantly cheaper than that of Starbucks and other coffee shops. Small iced beverages are $2 as part of McDonald’s Dollar Menu.