The Role of Coffee in Addiction Recovery

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When talking about addiction recovery, there are mixed views with some saying it doesn’t have any effect on the body, and others saying it hinders the recovery pace. If we really need to know the truth we need to ask the experts at the many alcohol detox center in the country. With years of experience treating people with addictions, they will be able to sort out the facts from the false. But first, let us talk about what detox is.

Detox Is The First Step Towards Sobriety

An alcohol detox is a process where you can relieve your body of the toxins that are stuck to your system for a long time. By toxins we mean the alcohol traces that are stuck in your bloodstream that keep tempting you to consume more drugs on a daily basis. When removed completely you will feel a fresh surge in your body, for the drug was holding you back all this while. You will no longer get the uncontrollable urge to drink at a particular time of the day, or while crossing your regular pub in the evening.


What the Experts Say about Coffee Consumption

As for whether you can consume coffee during your detox period, we asked a few medical professionals at the drug detox center. And they say that coffee consumption has both positive effects and negative effects and it depends on a lot of factors. The age of the patients, the drugs they have been using all this long, and the present physical health of the patients all play a crucial role in this. In general it is acceptable to take coffee in controlled amounts so long as it doesn’t affect the patient’s metabolism. This means it is ok to drink it, but not ok to keep drinking it all the time.


Tips to Consume Coffee in a Healthy and Responsible Way

One cup of coffee is good enough and anything more can mess up with your system. Coffee has caffeine as its base compound. This molecule has the ability to mess up your sleep cycles when taken in large amounts. During Drug Detox Austin, however, it is important that you rest for as much as you can. You will be given a nutritious meal that will help you stay healthy during the process. And drinking too much coffee can mess up the delicate balance.


How Caffeine Affects the Body and Mind

So, to be on the safer side, you better control yourself from indulging in too much caffeine. The detox center will help you stay in control by giving you the required amount of coffee every day. If you consume too much caffeine, it will affect your sleep-wake cycle which can push you into a relapse. You can inform the clinicians about your coffee dependence beforehand and they will take care of the rest. The center will also monitor your health constantly and provide you with urgent care whenever you need it. So, be sure to ask for help when you need it.